In the year of 1996, Deco iniciated his carrer as a professional football player. Born in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, the midfielder took his first steps in the sport with the jersey of Corinthians, one of the biggest clubs in Brazil.

Shortly after, he began his path in the country that adpoted him as its son: Portugal.

Playing for Alverca and Salgueiros, the ace caught the eyes of FC Porto, one of the main teams in the continent, in which he would shine like never before.

In more than 200 matches for the "Dragons", he scored many goals, dished several assists and, more important, lifted dozens of throphies. Among them, three Portuguese titles, one Europa League, and the titles of the Champions League and the World Club Cup.

The achievement drew attention of another giant: Barcelona. For the spanish team, Deco repetead the great performances and, once again, made the top of the podium his usual place, with two Spanish League titles, two Supercups and yet another Champions League throphy.

After four great seasons, he decided to move on to Chelsea, a club he defended for two years, winning the Premier League and two FA Cups.

He went back to perform at a high level in Brazil, his home country, this time with the jersey of another giant, Fluminense. For the carioca team, he won the state tournament and two Brazilian Championships, and is untill today revered as one of the greatest players to have ever played for the club.

His performances on the teams he played for caused him to be called to the Portuguese National Team, that decided to naturalized him in 2002. The choice paid off, and the "Equipa das Quinas" lived one of its best moments in history, with a second place in the European Championship and a fourth place in 2006 World Cup. In all, it was more than 70 matches for the National Team.

After hanging up his boots, Deco became one of the main agents in football, managing the career of many great athletes.

- Titles:

Portuguese Championship - 1998/1999, 2002/2003 e 2003/2004
Portugal Cup - 1999/2000, 2000/2001 e 2002/2003
Portugal SuperCup - 1999, 2001 e 2003
Europa League - 2002/2003
Champions League - 2003/2004
World Club Cup - 2004

Spanish Championship - 2004/2005 e 2005/2006
Spain Supercup - 2005 e 2006
Champions League - 2005/2006

English Championship - 2009/2010
FA Cup - 2008/2009 e 2009/2010
Community Shield - 2009

Brazilian Championship - 2010 e 2012
Rio de Janeiro's State Championship - 2012